Our Education Goals

Our Beliefs

  1. Our school can provide an effective and pleasurable environment for learning and working.
  2. Our staff, our students and our parents are eager to participate in the process of education with mutual respect, openness and righteousness. 
  3. Every student has his or her own special talents and self-learning abilities.
  4. The whole staff is striving for continuous professional development.


Our Mission

We are an effective school, offering students high quality professional education services and a pleasurable learning environment. We value a close partnership among the staff, the students and the parents. We focus on the students’ personal development so that they may be nurtured to become social conscious citizens with independent thinking and high aspirations. 


Our Education Goals

Goals related to students:

  1. To develop students’ intellectual power
  2. To foster good conduct among students
  3. To arouse students’ social awareness and instill among them a keen sense of civic duty 
  4. To guide students to lead a rich spiritual life
  5. To teach students the importance of the sporting spirit and physical health.

Goals related to resources and management:

  1. To promote teachers’ professionalism
  2. To enhance school management at various levels
  3. To build up a friendly, caring and collaborative working atmosphere
  4. To establish a harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and to strengthen the link with parents