Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)

Our school participated in the “School Management Initiative” introduced by Education Department in 1993. Ideas of School-based Management was implemented by the setting up of the School Advisory Council under the School Management Committee to give advice on and monitor the running of the school. Under the Education (Amendment) Ordinance 2004, our Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) was established on 1 February 2006 to manage the School, further actualising the participatory governance framework of school-based management. Members of IMC include representatives of our Sponsoring Bodies (Tung Wah Group of Hospitals), elected parent, teacher and alumni managers, the School Principal and independent community member. Our IMC has meetings three times a year, responsible for formulating education policy of the school, planning and managing financial and human resources, and school planning and self-improvement. Through the participation of various stake holders in the school management and policy making, the transparency and accountability of the school management is further enhanced so that the standards of teaching and students’ learning outcomescan be sustainably improved.


Post Name
Honorary Supervisor Mr TAM Chun Kwok Kazaf
Supervisor Ms HO Chiu Ha
Sponsoring Body Managers Mr CHOI Ka Yee Crystal
  Ms CHAN Tsui Yee
  Mr CHAN Siu Kan
  Mr CHEUNG Ip Sung
  Ms WONG Wing Sum
Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager Mr SU Yau On
Teacher Manager Mr WONG Siu Keung
Parent Manager Ms HO Wai Nga
Alternate Parent Manager Ms YE Sujun
Alumni Manager Mr SIN Cheuk Hang
Independent Manager Mrs CHEN FAN Li Jing