Extra-curricular Activities Committee

To develop interests and talents

Extra-curricular activities are an important aspect of school life. Through participating in or organizing such functions, students can cultivate their personal interests, develop their talents, enhance their inter-personal skills, and foster their team spirit.


We offer more than 30 clubs and interest groups related to sports, music, hobbies, services and academic pursuits. Our teachers and students are allocated to the four houses, i.e., Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow, for different inter-house contests. Co-operating with the Student Association, various clubs and houses, we organize annual mass functions and competitions like the Music Contest, the Arts Week, the Science Week, the Science Quiz, the Drama Competition and the Sports Day to enliven school life.

Core-ECA for junior secondary students

As it takes time, perseverance and specialist training to develop a student’s talent fully, we allocate extra resources to focus on selected Core-Extra-curricular Activities to provide in-depth and extensive instructions on related skills.

To widen students’ horizons with inter-school contests

We encourage students to join external activities and inter-school contests such as the Inter-school Music Festival and the Dance Festival to widen their scope of view and raise their standard.