Morning Talk by 4A Chan Hoi Fung

Good morning principal, teachers, and fellow schoolmates, I am Chan Hoi Fung from class 4A.

For today, I would like to share a book with you. The book is called The Great Empires of the Ancient World, which was written by Thomas Harrison, a professor of Ancient History at the University of St. Andrews.

As the title suggests, it is a book about ancient history around the world, from Rome and Athens, through India to China. In this book, the author briefly introduces different periods of ancient time, including the belief, political systems, wars declared and the like. For me, not only am I interested in the differences of the kingdom structures in civilizations, but I am also fascinated by the specific rules of the civilizations.

Apart from the background history of ancient civilizations, prehistoric arts and sculptures are introduced. They are not just an opus, but they have their own meaning behind them. Each art consists of a special significance which is valuable and indispensable to history. By reading the book, everyone can understand the unique styles of each artist.

After reading this book, I was impressed by an eastern king who was called Labarna. Although his country was a minor, he could still enlarge his territory. He kept devastating the lands and deprived them of power, making them the boundaries of the sea. I have learnt that there must be a way to solve a problem, we should not blame everyone and everything.

If you are engrossed in ancient history or any arts and sculptures, I strongly encourage and recommend you to borrow this book from the public library. Not only can it provoke your thinking, but it also depicts the history of the great empires. It is really worth reading this inspirational book. Let’s know more about the past of the world and learn from the mistakes!

This is the end of my book sharing. Thank you.