Liaoning Xianggang Summer Camp 2023

The Principal, 2 teachers and 10 students participated in an interflow event called 'Liaoning Xianggang Summer Camp 2023' from July 2 to July 7, 2023. During the camp, they formed a sister school partnership with Shenyang 102 Middle School and Liaoning Experimental School. Hong Kong and Shenyang students engaged in a series of ice-breaking activities to foster friendship. Participants also visited various attractions in Shenyang and Dandong cities, gaining knowledge about the country's history and understanding its latest developments.

Participants took a group photo in front of the Shenyang Imperial Palace.
They visited the China Industrial Museum, where they learned about the industrial development of Tiexi over the past century. They gained an understanding of the importance of technological advancement and industrial revitalization for the country.