Morning Talk by 5A Ng Man Fong

Good Morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, I am Ng Man Fong from class 5A. Today I would like to give a talk about perseverance. 

Nelson Mandela, the Father of South Africa. When he was born, South Africa was a discriminatory society. He and those who got dark skin were discriminated against because of their skin color. As he felt that it was unjust, he kept fighting for the civil rights of the Black South Africans. Unfortunately, he was sentenced to life in prison and all his freedom was denied since he was a political prisoner. He lived in the prison for over 25 years that without any freedom.

However, he didn’t give up fighting for their rights and his spirit inspired all the people in the world, even the UN members. Finally, South Africa was free of racism because of Mandela’s perseverance. When he was on the stage, he said “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

In our life, we encounter a lot of difficulties. Most of the time, we might choose to give up since it is human’s nature. I would say it is very easy for us to give up. Yet, we will see the twilight and achieve success only if we persist. 

Sometimes we may feel that the future is uncertain and the end is always near. It seems no matter how we persist, what we do will just be in vain. However, have you ever thought that success is just the next step? Just like Sun Yat-sen, he never knew that the revolution would be a success until he persisted, and decided not to give up. 

That’s just the same to us. We would never know when success comes unless we persist. Perseverance might not lead you to success, but you would never be successful if you give up. Thank you.