School Life Education Program

The program was set up in the year 97-98 to offer chances for students to try out activities of different nature systematically throughout their secondary school years. Through first-hand experience, they are able to widen their scope of life, pursue all-round study opportunities, and gain exposure in the five basic domains of learning experiences:

  1. intellectual development
  2. moral and civic education
  3. community services
  4. physical and aesthetic development
  5. career-related experiences

These personal experiences enable students to attain learning goals that cannot be achieved in classroom situations. Our program matches the idea of all-round education promoted by the education reform. For example, this year, our activities focus on cultivating students’ interests in fine arts and inspiring their creative thinking. We have made use of the School Culture Day Scheme of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to enrich our arrangements.

Conducted during school hours to complement classroom learning with real life experience, this program enhances learning effectiveness. It also helps students to realize all-round development goals and cultivate life-long learning abilities.