General Information on Discretionary Places (DP) of the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System (2024-25)

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(1) Introduction

1. In accordance with the rules of the Education Bureau, our school will allocate 40 Secondary One places for the P.6 students to apply for the Discretionary Places (DP).

2. The medium of instruction of our school is English.

3. For more detailed information about our school, please visit our website or refer to our school brochure.


(2) Eligibility for application

1. Student must attain good conduct (Grade B or above).

2. Students should obtain grade B or above in Chinese, English and Mathematics in the school examinations of the second term of P.5 or the first term of P.6. If the subject results are shown in scores, 80 marks or above should be obtained in the examination of those three subjects.

3. If students achieve outstanding performance in extra-curricular activities or regional competitions, special consideration will be given.

4. All eligible applicants will be invited for the interview on 9 March 2024.


(3) Application Procedures

Form distribution

Starting from 12 December 2023

In person

School Office hours*


Form in PDF (.pdf)

Form in Word (docx.)

Form submission

2 - 16 January 2024

In person

School Office hours*

Via SSPA e-Platform (eSSPA)

On or before the deadline


  • The completed Application Form should be submitted with photocopies of all supporting documents and the stub of the SSPA DP Application Form. Please submit the form to the school office in person.


  • The completed and scanned Application Form should be submitted with scanned copies of all supporting documents via the SSPA e-Platform (eSSPA).


  • Students studying in the primary schools of TWGHs in Kwai Tsing District can directly obtain the Application Form from their schools.

*  School Office Hours


  • 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


  • 9:00 am to 12:00 nn


(4) Submission of application

Attach photocopies / scanned copies of the following documents with the application form:

1. Hong Kong Identity Card

2. Report cards of the P.5 (First and Second terms) and P.6 (First term)

3. Certificate of achievement (if any)

Note: (a)Submission of the recommendation letter is not necessary.

          (b)It is advised to use paper clips for classification instead of folders or files if you submit the form in person.

4. Two stamped addressed envelops (For application of in person only.)

Note: (a)For applications of in person, interview invitations will be sent by mail.

          (b)For applications through eSSPA, interview invitations will be sent by e-mail.


(5) Selection criteria of Discretionary Places (DP) and weighting

1. All eligible applicants will be invited for interview which will be held on 9 March 2024.

2. The Discretionary Places (DP) will be allocated according to the following:

  • Rank order of the applicant under the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System provided by the Education Bureau (20%)
  • P.5 and P.6 school academic performance (20%) and conduct (10%)
  • School or inter-school achievement, outstanding performance showing other talents or training (10%)
  • Interview [Reading aloud in Chinese and English, problem solving, individual interview and group discussion] (40%)


(6) Matters for notice

1. According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, P.6 students can apply to not more than two participating secondary schools for DP. Unsuccessful applicants are recommended to select our school as the first choice in the stage of Central Allocation (CA) in order to increase the chance of admission.

2. Successful applicants of the SSPA DP of our school will receive notifications by phone and by mail on 27 March 2024.


(7) Personal information collection statement

1. The information provided by the applicants and their parents will only be used for the purpose of application for S1 DP.

2. Some information may be passed to the Education Bureau or the Education Division of TWGHs for related educational purposes.

3. Within the scope of the exemptions specified in the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance", applicants and their parents have the right to obtain and correct their personal information.

4. If you want to obtain or change your personal information submitted, please contact our school office.