"From Lion Dancing to Bamboo Weaving: My Unbreakable Bond with the Lion's Head" - Bamboo Weaving Craft Demonstration and Appreciation of the musical "I Am What I Am the Musical" at the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

"The Art of Bamboo Weaving" is one of the entries in the "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong." In order to provide students with a deeper understanding of this cultural treasure, our school's Counseling Team collaborated with Chinsese History Department, History Department and Music Department to organize a talk. We invited Master Hui Ka Hung from Hung C Lau to share his experience in the field and demonstrate the art of bamboo weaving, allowing students to broaden their horizons. After the talk, our school arranged students to watch the Hong Kong Arts Festival's featured musical, " I Am What I Am the Musical " at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Through the protagonist's journey of struggle depicted in the play, students gained a deeper understanding of the local cultural tradition of "Lion Dance."