Morning Talk by 4B Law Wai Ki

Book Sharing

Good morning everyone. I am Law Wai Ki from Class 4B, and I'm going to give a book sharing. The book I would like to share today is ,13 reasons why, written by Jay Asher.

This book is about the experience of a girl called Hannah. Hannah was a high school student. She got long curly hair, just like a common student you could see at school. Unfortunately, something really happened to her. That was --- school bullying.

At first, everything began with a list, an Insulting list, which was created by Hannah's schoolmates. That list compared the appearance of all the female classmates. Hannah was mocked by others female schoolmates as she got a high ranking on that list.

Hannah later got boycotted and insulted frequently. These all led to depression. Hannah longed for people’s attention but she didn’t get any. She was very helpless. Deliberately she changed her hair style to seek attention. Sadly, no one noticed her except Clay.

Clay tried to help Hannah, but he was too timid. He gave Hannah some hope, but he stopped suddenly, Eventually Hannah was so desperate that she decided to take her own life since she had been at the breaking point due to the pressure from bullies and depression she had long suffered.

Although it is such a sad ending, it is also a reminder to all of us. We should pay attention to the problem of bullying as this problem should never be ignored. We should try our best to prevent bullying.

To stop bullying, we should never be the bully. We should never say or do something insulting to our classmates or make them feel uncomfortable. What’s more, if we find that other students are the victims of bullying, we should report it to teachers immediately.

However, the most effective way to prevent bullying is to care about your classmates. This can foster a harmonious atmosphere at school. We should all learn from Clay, giving a helping hand to schoolmates who are bullied. We may even save a life just with a few words of care. Thank you.