Morning Talk by 4A Mak Kai Chiu

Book Sharing

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, I am Ronald Mak from 4A. Do you like reading non-fiction books? Today, I would like to share an inspiring book with you.

Recently, I have read a science book called Secrets of Light. It was written by Anna Claybourne. What is light? Yes, you can see it everywhere. Every morning, sunlight fills the sky; and at night, we switch on the electric lights in our homes. Light shines throughout the world, from our cell phones, and televisions, and from our streets, and our cities…

Light is essential to us, it provides vision to us. However, have you ever thought that where light comes from? Actually, light is a kind of energy, which is the power to do work or to make things happen. It can be made by changing a kind of energy to light energy. For example, when a candle, which contains chemicals that store energy, is lit, the chemical burns and some of the chemical energy turns into light energy. And it becomes a light source.

When light exists, shadow exists, too. When light hits an object that it cannot shine through, a shadow is made. Also, light travels in straight lines. It cannot bend around an object, so there is a dark area where light cannot reach. More interestingly, the shadow is of the same shape but not always the same size as the object.

Then, how can we see lights? Light shines from a light source, such as a lamp or the sun, it bounces off all kinds of surfaces and objects. When the light bounces off and hits our eyes, we can see all the things around us.

Though light travels in straight lines, they can be made to change direction. Reflection and refraction are examples of how it changes the direction of lights. If light hits a surface, especially a shiny surface or mirror, it can bounce or reflect off it, and zoom away in a new direction. If light passes through something transparent, it changes direction slightly or refracts.

This book explains some scientific facts of light in an interesting way and makes them easy to comprehend. I am here to bring a message to all of you, “No light, no life.” So, starting from today, save energy! Conserve our precious lights.

That’s the end of my sharing. Thank you.