Morning Talk by 5D Kong Ka Yiu

Salute to our Frontliners against COVID-19

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, I am Kong Ka Yiu from 5D. It is my honour to be here to speak to you on the topic “salute to the transportation workers during the pandemic period. It’s been two years since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has been alleviated thanks to the help of all parties like the government officials, medical personnel, frontline medical workers, scientists, the general public and so on. They have put much effort to fulfil their duties to maintain the operation of the society under a critical circumstance. However, seldom do we mention transportation workers who have also given a great help.  How do the transportation workers contribute themselves to tackle the crisis?

Transportation must continue with its functions where moving people and goods is an imperative, not a choice. The role of transportation is fundamental and cannot be depreciated as it still contributes to nourishing and supplying other sectors that were immensely impacted by Covid-19. For example, doctors and nurses must be able to get to work, hospitals need to receive the necessary medical supplies, citizens restricted from movement rely on provisions being delivered to shops. What’s more, international supply chains must continue to move despite all the challenges to keep the inevitable economic impact as limited as possible.

All in all, we should thank for all the people including the transportation workers who have contributed their effort to maintain the function of society during the Covid-19 period.  Thank for their courage, selflessness and the help they are providing to Hong Kong during this time. They try their best to help everyone go back to their normal life. This is the end of my speech.

Thank you.