Morning Talk by 5C Shum Kin Yan

Salute to our Frontliners against COVID-19

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, I am Shum Kin Yan from class 5C. This morning I would like to take this opportunity to thank the cleaners including janitors working at our school for their dedication in making our environment clean.

Thanks to the dedicated cleaning staff and building service workers, the  our buildings and public areas in Hong Kong are being kept clean and safe. The efforts of these essential frontline heroes have been critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring all of us are kept safe. As we all know, the garbage bags cleaners move dirty bags every day. These bags could be carrying germs, bodily fluids, dirty tissues and millions of used masks. Unfortunately, most cleaners are old and vulnerable. Though they are at high risk of being infected, the cleaners fulfil their duties and work diligently. As a result, a heartfelt salute goes out to those cleaning staff and building service workers. Thank you for their hard work and commitment so that everyone can return home safe and healthy every day.

At our school, we also have a group of dedicated cleaning crews who have been working so hard every day to ensure that the classrooms and special rooms we used during this pandemic are as clean and safe as possible. The janitors working at our schools help us to clean the classroom with bleach water every day after we left school. In our last school term, I still remembered seeing the janitors rushing into the school hall to clean the tables we used after we finished our final exams. Never did we hear them complained about how tired they felt to sanitize the school campus all the time. 

Today, I would like to take a moment to thank the cleaners as well as janitors for their support and devotion during this pandemic. They are the heroes who safeguard our health.  Let’s hope the pandemic can soon come to an end. I hope we can all stay strong and stay safe.

Thank you.