Morning Talk by 5B Tin Wing Ting

Salute to our Frontliners against COVID-19

Good morning Principal, teachers, and fellow schoolmates, I am Tin Wing Ting from 5B. Today, I am going to pay tribute to the frontline scientists for their dedication to advance science and endless effort to rally the globe against COVID-19, that has now infected more than 200 million people and led to the deaths of over three million around the world.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the frontline scientists have taken on the responsibility to interrogate emerging research. Led by the World Health Organization, teams of scientists in virology, epidemiology, and biosecurity and experts among other fields from around the globe takes on gnarly tasks of investigating how the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 emerged. As the coronavirus is new to scientists, much time is needed to be taken on research. They roll up their sleeves with their goggles on in the laboratory so as to test, trace, and eliminate the virus, unearthing the most reference value information about the deadly virus.

In addition, frontline scientists have been working day and night on developing safe coronavirus vaccine to combat Covid-19 and safeguard our lives. Countless tests have been run to minimise the defects of the doses and maximise the efficacy of the vaccine. Since the coronavirus outbreak, effective vaccines have been introduced to the world and countries race to vaccinate their populations. What’s more, during the process of developing the coronavirus super-jab, frontline scientists are determined to jump over the hurdles during this devil of a time, hoping that a shot that can protect humans against a range of such viruses, both known and unknown, to prepare for future outbreaks. Thanks to their persistence and perseverance, we have taken a giant stride forward to our normal life.

In conclusion, I would like to express my earnest gratitude to all of the frontline scientists for their remarkable contributions. I sincerely hope that all of you can pay tribute to the frontline scientists. They are truly OUR heroes!

Thank you.