Results of the S5 Inter-class Short Film Competition 2018-2019 (Respect)

The S5 Inter-class Short Film Competition (Respect) was successfully held in May, 2019 for S.1 to S.5.

Among the videos submitted, most of them are really professional. The entries not only showed that our students are good actors, but they are also excellent crew members.

Let’s check out the winners here.



Best Production


Chan Tsz Kin

Fu Ye

Ip Chun Him

Chan Wai Ying

Fung Lok Ching

Lam Suet Ying

Pun Hiu Yu Gladys

From left to right: 5B Yu Wing Ki (representing 5B Ip Chun Him), 5B Pun Hiu Yu Gladys, 5B Lam Suet Ying , 5B Fung Lok Ching , 5B Chan Wai Ying , 5B Fu Ye, 5B Chan Tsz Kin, Mr. Fung