Discipline Committee

To be responsible and law-abiding

Our goal is to produce decent, courteous and self-disciplined students with a keen sense of belonging, who will grow up to be responsible and law-abiding citizens.

To be self-guiding, autonomous and self-managing

We believe that discipline embodies more than rules and restrictions. We do not believe in close monitoring and deterrent with harsh penalty. Instead, we have formulated a comprehensive system to handle student problems with care, patience, respect and justice. We take great pains to develop among students a proper view of life with the right value judgment. In this way, we instill in them a self-guiding, autonomous and self-managing spirit.

To train leaders and boost their confidence 

We have built up a team of enthusiastic and responsible prefects through a series of programs to develop their leadership potentials and boost their confidence. The team is instrumental in maintaining an orderly and congenial environment where students can focus on learning and enjoy their school life to the full.